Aditya Birla Swiss Singapore


About Us

Our Values

At Unicore Resources, we are committed to building our Global Business in a manner consistent with the principles of innovation, teamwork, excellence, integrity, and the ability to create sustainable long-term value, which represent our core values and 3 Dís Dedecation Devotion Determination to excel.


  • We are an entrepreneurial company and encourage our employees to take initiative.
  • We can always do better and we constantly seek to identify and implement new ideas and solutions to trade products.


  • Individual creativity goes hand in hand with the collaboration across all areas of the firm
  • We encourage transparent and open communication
  • We respect our fellow employees
  • We proactively identify issues and look broadly across teams to create informed solutions


  • We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do
  • We accept responsibility for our actions
  • We execute our tasks diligently, quickly, and efficiently


  • Our organization thrives on trust
  • We operate with the highest level of integrity
  • We act with honour and pride with our colleagues, counterparties, and shareholders

Create Sustainable Long-term Value

  • For the benefit of not only our shareholders but also our employees, we pursue growth with measured and controlled risks in all areas of the firm.
  • We think strategically in all areas of the firm.
  • We aim to generate high long-term returns on equity